Community Outreach

In coordination with health agents and local leaders, we support families in neighboring rural communities through weight sessions, education on health related topics, and medical support through local clinics. Our goal is to prevent malnutrition through healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding relationships.


Inpatient Care

We treat severe acute malnutrition in children, using a special ready-to-use therapeutic food called Medika Mamba. Patients and their caregivers come from all over Northwest Haiti to receive treatment and education.


Outpatient Care

Malnourished children are treated as they come weekly with their caregivers to have wellness checks, receive Medika Mamba, and attend education on various topics including basic nutrition, health and wellness, and hygiene.


Formula Support

In cases where breastfeeding is medically impossible or mothers have died, we provide formula to help families provide nourishment to their baby. Each week, caregivers come to receive a wellness check, formula, and education.


Breastfeeding Support

We advocate for breastfeeding as the best prevention of malnutrition. We provide hands-on support and education to help mothers and babies get the strong start they deserve on their breastfeeding journey.