Spring Update

Hello from Haiti!

(Actually,  Mississippi!) You may have noticed it’s been a while since our last update, and we are so sorry for the delay! Due to some spotty internet and an incredibly busy spring and start to summer, we are finally able to get everyone caught up on all the progress at Potter & Clay’s Malnutrition Center.
Since the start of 2018, our team has successfully treated 13 children in our inpatient center, as well as 15 children in our outpatient program. Together, that means 28 children and families have overcome malnutrition so far this year. We have provided 16 babies with formula, meaning they are not surviving on sugar water or crushed crackers and water – this is a life-saving, malnutrition preventative that would not be possible without those of you who give to provide for these needs. In the past five months, we have 6 moms who have come for breastfeeding support. It is a necessity (and so much fun) to help these moms give their babies the absolute best nutrition possible!

In total, Potter & Clay's team has provided care and support to 50 families so far this year. This is INCREDIBLE! Haiti is a difficult place to work and is filled with its share of heartache, but to reflect on these numbers is so encouraging. We are so thankful to each of you who have prayed and given to make this all possible.

When we aren't treating malnutrition, our team is working tirelessly to prevent and identify malnutrition. This is done through community weighing sessions. We coordinate with health agents and screen areas as far as three hours away by motorcycle - some of those areas only reachable by walking down trails where vehicles can't pass. Our hope in each of these weighing sessions is to provide education on the signs on malnutrition, as well as let the people in these areas know Potter & Clay is here to support them.

In May, we had a wonderful group of nurses, Jessica, Olivia, and Madeline, visit us. They assisted in conducting a community outreach in the town of Damè, as well as helping us with tasks at the center - including some much-needed organization! A civil engineer was also part of the group, and he took on the task of helping us build a shelter for our beloved pigs, Wilbur, Charlotte, and Charlotte's six babies. Nick worked alongside Jesnet to construct a shelter from hard rain and harsh sun, as well as fencing in our new piglets to protect Potter & Clay's growing garden. Their visit was such an encouragement to us and we appreciate all their hard work!

Pictured above is Florida, who came to spend some time with us in April. At twelve years old, Florida began to swell in her feet and legs, one of the first signs of kwashiorkor malnutrition. When she arrive at the malnutrition center, she stood 108 centimeters tall. In the picture above, she is shown standing under the average height of a twelve year old girl - 148 centimeters. This picture speaks volumes to the difficulties she has known in her short life. Florida weighed 39 pounds when she came to the malnutrition center. After losing her swelling in her legs, she weighed just 36 pounds as a twelve year old girl. After a very scary first week of treatment, we are happy to report that Florida was discharged on May 22, weighing 43 pounds - running, singing, and well on her way to becoming a sassy teenager! 


Pictured above is one of our nannies assisting a grandmother as she sought care for her grandchild. This grandmother was caring for a newborn by herself, and our staff sought her out to let her know we could help. We LOVE seeing our staff care for their neighbors and become the best advocates for fighting malnutrition!

The smiling cutie above is Rhianta, who came for inpatient care in March. She comes from an extremely rural area one hour from us, and had been so sick that she could no longer attend school. She spent a little over a month with us, and was ready to complete her fight against malnutrition in our outpatient program! We love being able to work closely with our families, and everyone was so excited to see Rhianta feel well enough to return to school.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for us and we seek to develop Potter & Clay's programs, and that we will make wise choices!
2. Pray for our staff - that they will feel encouraged and supported as they provide care for others in their community.
3. Pray for each of the families that come through our center doors - that they will find refuge in Christ's love.

Praise Reports

We are so THANKFUL for the way everyone responded to provide for our need for Medika Mamba, the therapeutic peanut butter used to treat malnutrition. The gifts were above and beyond and we are so happy to know we have Medika Mamba to sustain our programs in the coming months! 


1. Replacing our Polaris transmission - Our Polaris' transmission went out in April. We need $1,000 to purchase and ship a replacement. If you would like to give to this need, you can do so using the "Give Today" button below and putting "Polaris" in the comment section.

2. Our rent - Rebecca and I need $3,000 by September 1st to pay the rent on our house for the coming year. You can give to this need by using the "Give Today" button below and putting "rent" in the comment section.

Thank you for being involved in Potter and Clay Ministries. We are so thankful for all your loving support, kind words, and prayers that carry us through each day. Your support makes our work at Potter & Clay Ministries possible!

Jordan and Rebecca

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