An Exciting Opportunity!

We have been floored by the support and encouragement that we have received as we've walked out in faith and started Potter and Clay Ministries this summer. Our original fundraising goal was quickly met (thank you!!), and we've been able to begin helping children and families in northern Haiti. 


As we continue to grow, being able to tell our story well is of utmost importance. Your support through prayers and donations are truly what is making all of this possible, and we want to be able to give you a clear picture of life here and the impact we are having on families in Marerouge, Haiti. We have a big vision for what God could do in the lives of our families, and we need help making that a reality. 

We've invited three talented creatives to come to Haiti for a week in November to help us share our story and brainstorm about the future of Potter and Clay Ministries. 

The Team

emily alexander moore.jpg

Emily Moore


Elena Marchak


Hallie Brand

Emily Moore is the owner of Moore Media Group in Jackson, MS and will be creating compelling videos of our work to share our story! Learn more about her work here

Elena Marchak is a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Jackson, MS and will be creating beautiful pictures of our work, the families, and our community. Learn more about her work here.

Hallie Brand is the owner of Dot Products, a student focused company in Jackson, MS, and has been helping us fundraise and begin to share our story over the past few months. She'll be leading the team creatively and helping us to brainstorm on our growth and communication. Learn more about her work here

The girls are volunteering their time and creativity, but we need your help getting them here! The trip will cost about $2,500 in total, and we'd love to have your support in raising the funds by November 1st. 

The girls will be taking over our Instagram to share their stories in Haiti, so follow us here to follow along during the week of November 12! 

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