Our August Update


Hello from Haiti!

It’s hard to believe that August has already come and gone. Thanks to our trip back to Mississippi this month, it seemed to fly by even faster than normal. We had a wonderful time in the States, celebrating birthdays, spending time with friends and family, and recharging our batteries. Haiti can be extremely challenging at times, so a vacation was exactly what we needed as we are in the final stages of opening the Potter & Clay Malnutrition Center.

When we arrived back in Haiti on the 22nd, we spent a few days in Port au Prince to gather supplies before the seven-hour journey home. Although our lack of proximity to the capital and other large cities presents unique challenges, it’s been amazing to see God provide for us all the necessities we need to effectively treat malnutrition and keep families together.

Since returning on Sunday, we have spent this week putting final touches on the malnutrition center, checking in with the twins, Olden and Olda, and their mother, Gena, as well as other moms and babes who have been receiving formula each week. We are happy to report that everyone is growing and doing well!

We would like to introduce the newest members of the Potter & Clay Ministries family… our chickens! The rooster (pictured above) and the rest of our chickens will help us meet our goal to become as self-sustaining as possible. We are looking forward to fresh eggs for our patients and staff every day.

Another step towards self-sustainability is our garden. Our center offers beautiful land in the back for us to plant many crops and vegetables that will be used for rehabilitation and education purposes. We look forward to having fresh produce each day and teaching all of our caregivers about ways they can enhance the nutrition of their families. Everything is cleared and ready, now we are just waiting on rain!


Scenes from around the Nutrition Center

Our beautiful chicken house is pictured top left. It may just be the cutest in Northwest Haiti. Top right, our "baby gate" is being installed and will be painted this week. Our nurse station is pictured bottom left, and we are so thankful to have all the proper equipment needed to accurately assess each child that comes through our doors. Our cribs, built here in Northwest Haiti by a local boss, are pictured bottom right.


 Monthly supporters to join us in our work in Northwest Haiti

Prayer Requests

Hurricane Irma - While we are prepared to ride out the storm, please pray for protection over our neighbors and friends, who may not have sturdy housing or the option of the stockpiling supplies. 

 Wisdom in hiring staff and final decisions leading to opening

Our upcoming community outreach sessions – Please pray that the Lord will send the moms and children who are in critical need of love and care.

Praise Reports

We were able to return with eight tubs and one can of Gentlease formula for baby Olden thanks to generous donors!

We are so thankful to have all the supplies we need to finally open our doors!

We appreciate every prayer, word of encouragement, and donation that has helped us get this far. It’s hard to believe that we are about to hire and train staff to make this dream of being one of the only malnutrition centers in Northwest Haiti a reality, brought to life with the help of each one of you.

We love and thank you.

Rebecca GassonComment