Jesnet's Story


Jesnet’s Story

In the summer of 2017, Potter & Clay’s Malnutrition Center was merely a dream. We had secured a location for the center but were still in the process of developing our programs and deciding the best ways to offer care for future patients. We met Jesnet previously because of his work as a health agent in our area. During those first few months, we found out he was the man that everyone in Mare Rouge went to about two things: gardens and animals. Each day we would go to the center to prepare for opening, and each day Jesnet would show up to help us. Jesnet was one of the first employees we officially hired. As he planted our garden and began to purchase animals for our programs, we slowly discovered his heart behind every whack of a machete and moto ride to check on a malnourished child. He explained it to us like this, “These kids that we are saving, you never know what they could grow up to be… a doctor, a nurse, or a president.” Through the salary he receives each month for doing something he believes in, he is able to invest in his own family and support his children. 

When you join our team as a monthly sponsor, you are helping us invest not only in the lives of children that we pray will live to change their world, but also the lives of our employees and their families. 

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