Our Fall Update


Hello from Haiti!

We cannot believe that October has already come to a close. It's no understatement to say that this year seems to be flying. Rebecca and I got back to Haiti on October 12th. The previous few weeks were spent with family, and welcoming Rebecca's precious niece into the world! Jordan was happy to spend time with her nephew, Elijah, and family while Rebecca was busy falling in love with her niece in Washington, D.C. 

Although we love living in Haiti, family is the thing that we miss the most (even more than Chick-Fil-A). Having a capable staff that keeps the Potter & Clay Ministries Malnutrition Center and its programs functioning while we are enjoying these moments is such a blessing. Check out our website and see some of their lovely faces here.

Potter & Clay wants to say a HUGE thank you to every person who purchased something from the center's Amazon Wishlist. There was an amazing response as evidenced in the photo above. From cloth and disposable diapers, to Jesus Storybook Bibles in Haitian Creole and manual breast-pumps - we all say thank you for enhancing the care we are able to provide. When you purchase any item for us, you are being a tangible blessing to the families who walk through our doors.  

As our model LoLo is showing above, the toys purchased from the wishlist have been a huge hit - hence why he is holding three. :) We love the way they aid in development for our patients. Play is such an essential part of complete healing for malnourished children - and you have helped make it possible!

If you are interested in viewing Potter & Clay's current Amazon wishlist, click hereJust select "Gift Registry Address" at checkout, and the items will be shipped to us!


Some of our newest admissions are pictured above. Widson weighs 15 pounds at 16 months and we cannot wait to watch him grow. He has already started feeling better because of his treatment, and we are loving watching his goofy personality come to life again. He loves blowing kisses and crinkling his nose in hopes that you will do it back!

Daphnica, the cutie on the right, came to stay with us after a health agent in the area referred her to us. Because of Daphnica's mother's mental health issues, her grandmother is her primary caregiver. We are excited to continue working with Daphnica's family to help her overcome malnutrition!


Woodkenley weighs just 16.5 pounds at almost two years old. Our entire staff is working hard, along with his mother, to help him gain weight and meet developmental milestones. 

Pictured on the right is Maxonley, a baby we found during our most recent community outreach. Her mom is unable to care for her due to mental health reasons. A neighbor brought her to the weighing session and we set up an appointment for them to come see us. She is now receiving formula support in order to help her grow and thrive!


We held our latest community weighing session on October 24th in a small place called Boura, Haiti. Due to some recent work on the roads (paths), this place is now accessible by vehicle. Until recently, it was reached primarily by walking and sometimes motorcycles. Our team coordinated with the director of a school to conduct a community evaluation in which we weighed children, measured heights, and distributed vitamins along with medication for worms. We also teamed up with a health agent from a neighboring community to help children in Boura receive vaccines, which haven't been locally accessible to them for years.  We are thankful for the partnerships we have established so far, and look forward to reaching more underserved areas around us. 

Prayer Requests

1. Please say a special prayer for Daphnica, her mother, and her grandmother. Mental health issues are widely disregarded or misunderstood in Haiti. Our goal is to help Daphnica heal, as well as encourage her grandmother in all she is doing to hold her family together.  
2. Pray for our outreach programs - our goal is for each area of the Northwest to receive the most basic health and nutrition services for babies and children. We are praying for great partnerships with local health agents and community leaders to make this a reality.
3. Pray for us as we lead our staff - We pray that as we lead, we are also a source of encouragement to the people that make Potter & Clay Ministries a daily reality. 

Praise Reports

1. We are so thankful for our new admissions this month. Previous patients are going back to their homes and telling people about Potter & Clay! This is so exciting for us and key to reaching the farthest and most remote places.
2. We are so thankful for the love, support, and prayers we receive from each of you! 

Thank you for being involved in Potter and Clay Ministries. Each outreach, each admission, and each relationship we make would not be possible without YOU! 

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