Our January Update

Hallie, Emily, Rebecca, Elena, and Jordan headed back from the Northwest to catch their flight!

Hallie, Emily, Rebecca, Elena, and Jordan headed back from the Northwest to catch their flight!

Hello from Haiti!

We can’t believe January has already come to a close! Since October, things have been a whirlwind. In mid-November, we hosted three ladies who graciously agreed to share their time and talents with Potter & Clay Ministries. After we completed the lengthy (and bumpy) trip to the Northwest, described by Elena as feeling like she was “being driven to the middle of the earth”, the girls hit the ground running putting their abilities to work. Photographs were taken, interviews and daily routines recorded, and plans and dreams were discussed. We can’t wait to share the captured scenes with you in the coming months!
We would like to say a special thanks to each person who prayed and donated to help make this trip possible. After a particularly challenging and discouraging October, the media trip came at a perfect time to remind our hearts of the good the Lord is doing through Potter & Clay as well as the dreams and love He has given us for Northwest Haiti. 

Here's a preview of what's to come from the wonderful media trip! Be on the lookout for the full video with interviews of Potter & Clay's staff as well as the families we serve! (By Emily Moore of Moore Media Group)

After a refreshing week, we returned to the States with the media team and immediately hit the ground running to share our vision with as many as possible. We could never express our gratitude to each person who sat with us, dreamed with us, and encouraged us.

After depending far too long on public transportation or renting vehicles, the Lord gave us an amazing opportunity to purchase a truck through some friends here in the Northwest. Thank you to each person who gave and prayed for this need! 

We would like to extend a special thank you to the SEVENTEEN new monthly partners who joined our work in Mare Rouge and through out the Northwest. Since October 1st, Potter & Clay's Malnutrition Center has:

  • provided inpatient care to 13 children and babies recovering from severe acute malnutrition.
  • given weekly Medika Mamba and wellness checks to 10 children in our outpatient program. 
  • provided weekly formula and wellness checks for 15 babies whose mothers have passed away or medically could not breastfeed.
  • invested in our local economy by purchasing milk, supplies, and food from businesses in our area.
  • employed 13 individuals for various roles in the malnutrition center (click this link to meet our staff).

None of these things would have been possible without our financial and prayer partners, and from the bottom of our hearts we thank YOU!
We arrived in Mare Rouge on January 7th, and hit the ground running. Since the end of December, we have admitted three children suffering from kwashiorkor malnutrition, meaning their bodies have swollen from the lack of proper nutrition. Woudley, Aslene, and Clovensky are all at different stages in their journies back to good health, but we are excited to share their progress and drastic changes so far!

Woudley(left) and Clovensky(right) are pictured above. Woudley is gaining weight each day and Clovensky is still in the process of losing all his water weight. Both of these boys have showed dramatic improvement since coming to the malnutrition center!

Prayer Requests

1. The children as they heal - that each would come to know the love of Christ
2. The moms as they care for the children and learn to prevent malnutrition in the future - please pray that they will feel encouraged, supported, and come to know the love of Christ
3. Rebecca and Jordan - that we will make wise, effective decisions as we navigate each day

Praise Reports

Transportation - this has been one of the biggest hindrances to us in the past, and we are so thankful the Lord answered this prayer with a reliable vehicle!

Thanks for reading this far and thank you for your prayers and support of the work in Mare Rouge, Haiti! None of it would be possible without you!

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