Loubens' Story

For the month of September, we decided to do something a little different. This month we decided to tell real stories about real people whose lives have been deeply affected by malnutrition. We'll be sharing one story each week during the month of September leading up to National Malnutrition Awareness Week (September 24-28). We hope that you'll follow along with us as we tell these stories. We hope these stories will grip your hearts and lead you to action. Malnutrition never affects just one person, it affects communities. With your help, we could be the generation that sees the end of malnutrition forever.


Loubens' Story

A young mother and father, with tiny baby in hand, wandered through Potter & Clay’s gates on the night of October 18, 2017. Loubens’ mother, having given birth the day before, was exhausted but eager to find the care she had been told she needed. Loubens was born prematurely after only roughly 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Although he was surprisingly healthy, Loubens was referred to us, because his mother had not been able to breastfeed successfully so far in his short life. Loubens weighed just 3 pounds at birth and remains one of the smallest babies we have had through our doors.

It was difficult to help Loubens' mother understand that Lou would need an extensive amount of care due to his premature birth. Loubens' mother did absolutely everything in her power to make sure her newborn son got all the nutrition that he needed to thrive. She was relentless in her efforts to breastfeed, as well as pumping milk to make sure there was always plenty for syringe feedings.

Because of Potter & Clay’s dedication to Loubens’ family, he is growing each day and will celebrate his first birthday this fall. We look forward to the day that we can tell him what a fierce mama he has, as well as what a miracle his life is.

We believe each life that walks through our gates is worth the fight, but we cannot do it alone. When you join our team as a monthly donor, you fight with us for each family that we encounter. 


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