Sylveste’s Story

For the month of September, we decided to do something a little different. This month we decided to tell real stories about real people whose lives have been deeply affected by malnutrition. We'll be sharing one story each week during the month of September leading up to National Malnutrition Awareness Week (September 24-28). We hope that you'll follow along with us as we tell these stories. We hope these stories will grip your hearts and lead you to action. Malnutrition never affects just one person, it affects communities. With your help, we could be the generation that sees the end of malnutrition forever.


Sylveste’s Story

Sylveste came to Potter and Clay after delivering her eighth child prematurely. Sylveste wanted to be sure her little girl was receiving the best care possible but grew concerned when she noticed her child was not gaining any weight. As she explained her story to us, we were deeply saddened by her situation and hoped that she would be able to breastfeed her child. Unfortunately, after weeks of providing support for Sylveste, we realized that breastfeeding was no longer possible. Thankfully, we had options. We enrolled Sylveste in our formula program so that her baby girl would get the proper nutrition she needed. At the time that Sylveste enrolled in the program, it was the rainy season. Each week, Sylveste hiked uphill, with her baby in her arms, through the mud and the muck to get the formula that her child needed to survive.

Mothers will go above and beyond to provide for their children. Sylveste came to Potter & Clay’s malnutrition center not looking for a handout, but in an attempt to advocate for her child’s needs. In situations like Sylveste’s, a small $16 can of formula is the difference between life and death. When you become a monthly donor, you ensure that mothers who are willing to walk four hours in one day for their babies have access to life-giving formula. 


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